Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a Domain

How do I get the domain name?

Most transactions use a third-party escrow service, such as, unless the buyer prefers otherwise. The Escrow service holds the domain name until the buyer pays. Then Escrow either pushes the domain name into your account at the same registrar or allows you to transfer the domain name to your own registrar.

Is the price of a domain a reoccurring fee?

No, you pay a one-time fee for the right to own, use, and renew the domain name. A domain registrar charges renewal fees ranging from $12-20 per domain per year. The escrow process establishes your domain name ownership at either the current registrar we use or at your own registrar.

Can someone else buy the domain after I do?

Domains are unique--there is only one of any domain name. Similarly, there can only be one domain owner at a time. The domain name will expire if you do not renew your domain name with the domain registrar (see above for the nominal fees). As long as you renew your domain, no one else can register the domain name.

Transferring and Controlling Purchased Domains

Can I transfer a purchased domain to another registrar?

Yes, as the domain's new legal owner, you can transfer the domain name to any registrar. The escrow process initially delivers the domain name to you at the current or another registrar. Later, you can transfer the domain name to another registrar if needed.

Can you explain more about domain transfers?

You decide who manages your domain names. These companies are called domain registrars, similar to utility providers. Domain transfers are a straightforward process. You will unlock the domain name at the current registrar to obtain an authorization code. Provide this authorization code to your new registrar. Your new registrar can help you with this process. The entire process happens quickly.

Domain Ownership Questions

How long will I own a purchased domain?

Domain registrars charge $10 to $20 annually to renew domain names. You will lose the domain name if you do not pay the annual renewal fee to the registrar. Otherwise, you can keep renewing the domain name for as long as needed. (Note: The price paid here for the domain name is a one-time fee. Yearly renewal fees ($10 to $20) are paid to a registrar.)

What about privacy protection?

We do not sell, rent, or release your information to anyone. All domain registrars offer WhoIs Privacy Protection to hide your personal information from anyone who looks at the ownership records (called WhoIs records). 

After buying a domain, how do I show my website, make DNS changes, etc.?

After the Escrow service delivers the domain name to you, you can manage the nameservers through the registrar's control panel. The registrar can help you set up web hosting if you do not have web hosting.

Payment Questions

What payment options do you accept?

We use a third-party Escrow service to exchange money and domains unless the buyer prefers otherwise. For sales involving Escrow, we never see your credit card number, PayPal information, or bank account/routing numbers. You can pay with any of these (and possibly other) options.